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How To Clean Beams / DIY Mantle and Floating Shelf Projects

This video shows you how to clean a barnwood beam as the first step towards transforming it into a DIY rustic mantle for a fireplace or floating shelf wall centerpiece. Cleaning barn wood is a process and the number one way to enhance the beauty of this salvaged reclaimed wood. If you are into DIY woodworking projects this is a fun and easy way to get down and dirty with barn wood. You can literally watch the unlocking rustic beam beauty in 6 minutes or less with our preferred hands-on barnwood cleaning method.

This link will take you to our video "Transform Barnwood Beams In 5 Easy Steps": https://youtu.be/Vu32bP78f5g

Amazon Links To Hardware/Supplies Used In This Video

Restorer Tool: https://geni.us/ZT9Q

Restorer Wire Wheel: https://geni.us/BV4t

Restorer Nylon Wheel: https://geni.us/9FnF

Wire Brush Drill Attachments: https://geni.us/TvjuVg

Air Compressor with attachments: https://geni.us/AbY7z

Nail Puller: https://geni.us/Ljyezas

Safety Glasses: https://geni.us/nBm6

Dust Mask: https://geni.us/4raAPZM

Just to be clear, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Basically, I may receive some small change from any purchase through the links in this description, it is at no extra cost to you. Happy building.

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