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Welcome to The Den Authentic Barnwood!  My name is Troy and I am the owner of this mighty fine operation.  We are nestled into the southwestern corner of Manitoba which has proven to be prime country for sourcing all the beautiful naturally weathered wood we treasure.


For many, these old buildings that dot our prairie skyline represent the challenges of days gone by.  For us, these buildings represent a way forward.

The Journey

Our journey started out as a simple barnwood backdrop for a European mount and really blasted off from there.  Our focus has always been sourcing, salvaging, and reclaiming authentic antique wood for use in all kinds of how-to DIY-type projects.   


It’s a lot of fun to experience the joy of woodworking with reclaimed wood, we’re here to encourage and motivated you to give it a go.  When getting creative with reclaimed wood the sky’s the limit!

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