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Tools We Love

You name it, we've tried it. There are many tools that can be used in dismantling, as well as finishing and building, but which ones are the best? Check out the products below, showing you the BEST of the best in tools - tried and true. Links to purchase as well!

All tool links here will direct you to my Amazon shop where we will earn a small commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.  Thanks Boss!


Best work glove - hands down - when it comes to durability and protection.  They are tight fitting, with the right amount of stretch, easy to put on or take off frequently during the work day.


Ever wonder if there is a faster way of taking nails out of wood than the traditional nail puller/hammer combo?  This handheld air de-nailer is sure to get the job done at a decent price point.


Best value air de-nailer tool. Aside from being built tough, the de-nailer heads can be swapped out to meet all common nail sizes. The best feature is the ability to adjust the ejector pin stroke so it hits the nail and stops short of damaging the surface of the wood.


This battery operated, Milwaukee 18 gauge brad nailer is definitely handy to have around. Great for feature wall installation and woodworking quick fixes.  Forget the air tank and hoses, this tool is a time saver.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the tools we recommend!


Dust control is a must when working with reclaimed wood.  This lighted dust hood slips around the miter saw while hooked up to a dust collector or shop vac.  By doing so, air borne dust particles are greatly reduced, which saves clean up time and is better for a healthy work environment.


This sample pack lets you decide what blade will work best for your task.  The Milwaukee Demolition blades are all we use and this is a great selection to narrow done what you like.


There is no start button on this unit, but this nail puller will take nails out of wood for days on end. We always have two of these for each person when dismantling an old building. 


Garrett is our top choice if you want to feel confident that all metal is detected before woodworking. This is a key step, often over looked, resulting in equipment damage and flying object safety concerns.


These are very handy drill attachment brushes that work very well to clean the surface of barnwood. This variety pack includes a variety of brush stiffness, great for different textures.


If your cleaning barnwood by hand then you need this tool.  The Restorer is the key ingredient you need to bring out the beauty in reclaimed wood.  This tool with either a stainless steel or nylon wheel attached effectively raises wood grain ultimately pulling out 100 years of dirt with ease.


This wire wheel is used with the Restorer tool to effectively raise the grain and clean barnwood.  This tool is the go-to all around favorite for both preparing beams and planks for woodworking projects.


This nylon wheel is used with the Restorer tool to raise the grain and clean barnwood.  The difference between the nylon and wire wheel is abrasiveness.  This wheel is often a great choice when wanting to be delicate with the natural surface while still getting the job done.

Jobsite Table Saw

These jobsite table saws are an excellent choice as a helpful addition to any job site or woodworking shop.  They are compact, durable, and have reliable accuracy.    

Makita 7 1/4"

It's hard to beat Makita regarding durability, accuracy, and comfort. 


TIP: Never buy a skill saw without a case, and avoid accidental damage in storage or transport.

5" Palm Sander

Make Sanding a little more enjoyable with a palm sander that includes handles.

Distance Measure

A handy little unit that is very reliable,  accurate, and long-lasting.  Very nice addition to the toolbox and will last way longer than a regular tape measure.

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