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Barnwood Salvage Tools And How To Use Them (Reclaimed Wood)

In this video, we focus on barnwood salvage tools and how to use them when collecting wood from rural resources. Salvaging Reclaimed wood can be very rewarding and potentially bring in some handsome dollars. Like all our woodworking projects at The Den, this one is also all about reclaimed wood.

Amazon Links To Hardware/Supplies Used In This Video

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set:

Milwaukee Super Sawzall (Biggest Battery Available):

Makita Reciprocating saw (corded):

Nail Kicker:

Pancake Air Compressor:

Dewalt Skill Saw (corded):

Milwaukee Skill Saw (Biggest Battery Available):

Metal Detector:

Wire Cutter Plyers:

Small Pry Bar:

Large Demo Bar:

Goose Neck 36":

22 oz Hammer:

Just to be clear, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Basically, I may receive some small change from any purchase through the links in this description, it is at no extra cost to you. Happy building.

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