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How To Unlock Value in Old Doors - Architectural Salvage - (Barnwood)

Unlocking value in old doors is easier than you may think. Architectural salvage like this can be very rewarding and in this video, we go over some tips and suggestions to make the most of old solid wood doors. Barnwood salvage is an amazing experience and we encourage everyone to give it a shot. As most of our videos, this one is authentic reclaimed antique wood.

Amazon Links - Tools/Supplies

Hand-Held Drill

Nylon Drill Attachement

Nail And Foreign Object Removal Nail and foreign object removal are critical when working with raw barn wood, especially if you intend on woodworking with it.

Here are the three key tools to get the job done 5X faster.

The Nail Kicker is a top-notch durable unit for removing nails. NuMax SPNNR

Air Locker AP700

Preparing Barnwood For Woodworking The Restorer is key when cleaning the surface of raw barnwood. This tool is a must-have at the cheapest price for handheld electric tools. Ideal for small to moderate projects.

Most Used Restorer Replacement Wheel for cleaning barn wood.

1. Stainless Steel

2. Nylon Wheel

Garrett Handheld Metal Detector.

Don't repeat our mistake and get a durable/reliable metal detector. We bought 3 separate cheap ones before taking the plunge.

Just to be clear, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Basically, I may receive some small change from any purchase through the links in this description, it is at no extra cost to you. Happy building.

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