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How & When To Seal Reclaimed Barnwood Feature Walls Fast

This video covers how and when to seal reclaimed wood feature walls like a pro and fast. I walk through the steps involved for transforming your barn wood feature wall into a sealed, use anywhere masterpiece.

Amazon Links - Tools / Hardware / Supplies

Fuji Semi-Pro 2:

Spray Gun Cleaning / Maintenance Kit:

Fuji Check Valves (pack of 5):

Just to be clear, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Basically, I may receive some small change from any purchase through the links in this description, it is at no extra cost to you. Happy building.

We are all about sharing the endless uses and possibilities of authentic reclaimed wood (AKA barn wood). We are always somewhere in the cycle of sourcing, reclaiming, repurposing, or in project mode. Thanks for being here!


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